Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sheldon Cooper's Clock and Equation Watch

This one is for all the hardcore math nerds out there.  No normal person is going to have these in their life!  I have seen these several times over the last few days, and thought that my math blog would be the perfect place to repost them!

As anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory knows, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical physics genius.  Therefore, it would almost be expected that if you were to visit his home or office, you would find a brilliant timepiece such as this on the wall:

Sheldon Cooper's Clock
Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Clock

Sheldon Cooper's clock can only be used by true mathematical students!  If any regular person were to try to tell the time by looking at this clock, they would be completely lost and would have no idea what time it was!  Well, maybe that's going a little far.  It would certainly be an interesting exercise for math students to explain why each equation is equal to the known numbers on a regular clock face.

Of course, even crazy smart math professors and scientists need to leave their home and office once in a while.  For those rare events, I'm sure they would be more likely to leave their keys or iPhone at home rather than forget to wear one of these staggeringly beautiful equation watches!

Sheldon Cooper's Watch
Equation Watch

I don't think these clocks need any more explanation.  They are both brilliant and nerdy to a nearly unimaginable degree, and that's more than enough reason for me to share them here on my site.  :)  I don't want to claim ownership of either of these images, but I'm not sure who to accurately attribute them to, unfortunately.  Well done, though.


  1. I just got this one for my classroom wall: http://www.rainydaymagazine.com/RDM2010/RainyDayScience/GeekToys/IrrationalBig.jpg

    It is beautiful!

  2. I think someone from here is selling Sheldon Cooper's clock. I just didn't have the time to buy one. But I'll buy one this summer.


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