Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 5 Most Popular Posts of January 2013

As a new feature I am adding to my site, at the end of every month I am going to review my traffic data and then present my most popular posts.  In case anyone misses the posts on their original publications dates and then falls behind on my blog, this will now give them another chance to see the articles that the most readers are talking about.  So, without further ado, here are my top 5 most popular posts for the month of January 2013.
  1. 20+ Free Math Worksheet Sites for Teachers.  A great resource that contains links to several different websites that offer high quality math worksheets for free.  You can print these practice sheets and use them in class or at home to study.  These are all high quality sites, and I recommend checking them out for your worksheet needs.

  2. How to use LaTex Equation Editor.  If you have any reason to type math equations on your computer, you are likely familiar with the difficulties in getting your formulas to look anything like what you would write on paper.  However, if you use the LaTex Equation Editor, you can get your onscreen and online math equations to look exactly like you want.  Textbook perfect.

  3. Japanese Multiplication Method.  To learn about an alternative method of multiplication popular in the Japanese culture, take a look at this post.  It's a different perspective on a very common mathematical technique that is both functional and entertaining.

  4. Trigonometry - The Sine Function and SOHCAHTOA Explained.  One of my oldest posts, and still one of my most popular.  This post explains the concept of the sine function in trigonometry, and how it relates the to memorization trick most students know as SOHCAHTOA.

  5. Free Online Courses with Certificates.  This is one of my most recent posts, and it has gotten a lot of traffic.  It discusses several options that are available to anyone interested in taking online math courses, some of which actually will grant you certificates or transferable university credits.  Online education is a rapidly expanding offering, and those institutions and services listed in this post are among the most popular.
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