Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Incredible Math Stories

There is a great section of Homeschool Hangout Zone dedicated to math that you should definitely check out. Its blog posts feature several links that talk about math and how it relates to the real world, rather than just how the numbers add up in your homework. Stories range from calculating the theoretical fastest sprint time of an athlete on a track, to describing how your brain changes when you do math problems, to using math to create incredible visual patterns. I highly recommend you visit the site to see the many interesting stories that it has to offer!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great site for lessons and worksheets

I'd like to also direct some attention to Homeschool Math. It is a very informative site that has plenty of lessons and worksheets available for practice that cover several different math concepts. Maria also does something rather unique on her site, in that she presents many math concepts and lessons through the use of youtube videos embedded on her page (such as here). I highly recommend her site... the questions you have might have solutions there as well!

Math Puzzles and Fun

This is just a short little post. If you have an interest in math puzzles and things like this, it might be worth the trip for you to check out I've been linking to their site for a long time now, and I just thought I would try to introduce some of my more recent followers to that site. There are math puzzles and all sorts of interesting bits of info over there. It's really well done. Check them out!

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