Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Pi Day 2013!

Happy Pi Day 2013 everyone!

To most of my regular followers, they know exactly what I'm talking about. To many others though, they may think I'm crazy or talking about some special dessert day and wonder if the pie comes with ice cream or whipped cream. Well, I guess if you're really into it, you could celebrate Pi Day with pie. Why not, right?

Pi Day, of course, comes once a year - on March 14. Numerically, if you write your dates with the month first, this is 3-14. Everyone's favorite math constant! Actually, what I just realized is that we are only two years away from Super Pi Day (my name for it) when the year can also be included. Of course, pi is 3.14159.... But if we round it, March 14, 2016 will 3-14-16. How exciting is that? That will truly be more than enough reason to celebrate with some pie!

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