Sunday, January 6, 2013

Math Worksheet Database

Several months ago, I posted an article about free printable math worksheets.  I created a couple of basics problem sets that could be printed off, and I also mentioned a couple of other websites that admittedly did a lot better at providing practice worksheets.  I quickly fell behind in keeping my selection of questions up to date, as I instead focused on keeping my blog active with new concept lessons.  Now, I want to do something a bit better and more productive.  

Instead of me having to create sheets that teachers and students can download to practice their math with, I am putting out a request to all of my readers for your help.  

Let me know in the comments below some of the sites that you know about and use where you find good practice math worksheets.  When I have a sufficient number, I will redo or add to my original worksheets blog post, but instead of providing (and having to make) the actual practice questions, I will make the page into a repository of links to other websites that all specialize in providing free math sheets.

I think that this is a way better plan that what I originally envisioned.  As much as I'd love to create all of my own work to share and make freely available to distribute, I unfortunately don't have the time necessary to dedicate to that project.  However, by making use of the power of social networking, I hopefully can put together a database of sites that are all relevant and useful, because they will already have been recommended by some of my readers!

Help me to get this database of math sites off the ground!  Leave me a note in the comments below, or on my new Facebook page, and I will compile them all and make a great resource of free practice materials for students and teachers to use.  I will also be sure to acknowledge everyone who suggests sites!  Thanks in advance for everyone's help!

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  1. I came across with NCTM Illuminations. I think they have some great activity sheets there. I'm not sure though if they are for practice purposes.


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